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If You Build It ...

After over 24 years experience of intense study and hands-on experience with pedigrees, canine nutrition, the raising of puppies, breeding, genetics, judging, training etc., ... the whole package of what's called being a trench breeder, we feel we have a progressive and modern approach to breeding Samoyeds.

The bloodlines we incorporate have been for a very selective purpose for their Genetic Health Cards, Type Cards, and their Structural Cards. We are very specific NOT to have weak legs, poor mouths, unsound movement, unsound hips and eyes, and especially bad dispositions. These are genetic problems that we are very careful to try to avoid to the best of our ability in the breeding program.  The Structural Cards are a little harder to achieve but we've got them in SPADES - and provided selection pressure is continually applied each generation locks in a more solid foundation.

Our love of the SAMOYED is on going through admiration of beauty in individual dogs and ALWAYS a sense of something missing to make it complete - which of course is the driving force for the next generation. Each individual dog brings a sense of awareness of their uniqueness and beauty.

The WOLF RIVER influence is of very "CLASSIC" families, which portrays the Samoyed of antiquity linebred close up on the original imports. They reflect symmetrical balance and harmony, incredible soundness, along with a remarkable pack temperament.   The prepotency of this family's Structure card is just simply unrivalled in the breed in our experience. We have successfully outcrossed, linebred and mildly inbred this line with brilliant results, and it is unquestionably one of the most important bloodlines ever developed.  As they say "the purest water is at the well", and many of the present-day North American breed greats descend from, or are directly out of Wolf River dogs.

The nucleus of our bloodlines stem from Drumlin & Terra via our imported bitches "Kite" & "Mesa" and several WR stud services (Drumlin x2, Falcon, Hawk) combined initially with a tightly linebred Old English Snowland bitch "Chloe" (bred by the Canadian Shebaska kennel) and two of her daughters ... and almost all roads lead back to these beginnings. The blending of these two lines has given us the Genetic Health strength, the beauty, and the Structural foundation we have been blessed with throughout the years, and in our opinion we could not have built upon a stronger foundation given the longterm plan we held in mind.

Since those beginnings we have judiciously imported genes to strengthen and augment our already powerful Structure, type, and Genetic Health cards.  The Polar Mist-bred inbred Breaker son "Gucci" of outstanding head, eye, and general proportions; the H'nP and Kipperic descended "Sera" of almost-human temperament, beautiful leg length, and a rare elegance; "Marla" and "ZJ" who brought the glam, bodies, and strong rears of Sanorka and Risuko; "Astro" with his spicey English and European blood - offering coat, sidegait, head and a ZEST for life that is simply magical; the significant Canadian Snowghost-bred sires "Chance" and "Rebel" who stamp out exotic, breathtaking dogs with stunning coats, perfect tails, ideal expression, and strong food-drive; the exciting young winner "Sullie" who is enticing some of the finest girls in Samoyedom to his lair to access his bountiful structure/type cards AND a pedigree that offers up some of the best of Wolf River and Sanorka; taking a chance on the unproven rookie "BJ" - a Shebaska bred dog who brings us back full circle to our Shebaska beginnings but with the blood of his sire ZJ - who produced our exquisite Multi BIS Pyro and Fallon; and our latest venture with the lovely leased lady "Chyna" out of two of the breeds top producers - a veryy successful breeding engineered by Polar Mist and Cot'n Pic'n Kennels - then bringing this highbred girl to the very accomplished and winning "Jake", of older Polar Mist breeding for a quality linebreeding on this family.  Clearly then what we have NOT done is to restrict our program to breeding convenient and breeding local.

Have we created our own bloodline?  Of course not, but what we HAVE done is stockpiled some of the best Samoyed genes in the World in our own backyard, which we plan on carefully weaving and braiding together to breed exceptional Samoyed that might one day, if we are diligent, carry the Vanderbilt "stamp".  Only once we are confident that an individual dog can make a SIGNIFICANT genetic contribution will they be linebred or inbred upon in Vanderbilt pedigrees.  These kind of goals take much time, careful selection pressure, and dedication.  We love what we do, and the anticipation of the next generation is always overwhelming!

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Our concept of correct "BREED TYPE" has evolved as our horizons have expanded as passionate breed students.  International travel has been critical to our growth and understanding of the breed globally.  Mark Twain said "travel is fatal to prejudice and narrow-mindedness", and with many, many more excursions yet to be undertaken already we have confirmed this for ourselves.  However one of the most important things we have learned, and perhaps the longest in coming because it is not readily measureable or photographable, is what Christian Dior had to say ... "Zest is the secret of all beauty. There is no beauty that is attractive without zest."  This means that TRUE beauty is not the static picture, textbook-perfect angles, or just the true down and back - but rather a great dog of beauty is the sum of his parts PLUS what the picture does NOT show you - that special "game" personality with drive, presence, and energy which exudes a little bit of arrogance, versatility, and a happy, curious optimism about what lays beyond the next hill.  We're not talking terrier temperament here - but we are talking about "having an attitude" and "being up for the ride", perhaps it IS even a GASD (Generic American Show Dog) temperament.  Irregardless of what you want to call it, ZEST pay off in spades both with the pet owners and judges.

Declaration of beauty without zest is always temporary, hollow, and suggests that the observer is inexperienced, or perhaps supportive of dull, nervous dogs because he owns them.

A dog of average structure and type that possesses this zest-for-stardom will win much MUCH more over the long haul, than the dead-headed structurally perfect or dripping-in-type specimens that are flat.  You can just imagine what happens when all 3 come together!!  He will also ascend more quickly and be loved more fondly as a breed icon with this amiable character.  People like dogs that like them - it's just human nature.  YOUR priorities depend on what you plan for your dogs, what puts the frosting on your flakes, and where your bitch is strong and where she is weak.

But having said all of this I now will tell you that the Samoyed breed lacks FAR more in Structural cards than Zest cards.  Overall the breed is rife with happy -go-lucky showy dogs that are structurally inferior AND make absolutely NO MISTAKE about it - structure is MUCH  M U C H  more difficult to breed in than a GASD attitude.  Our advice would be to always breed the soundest possible dogs of correct breed type, but remember it is the mind and not the bones that interacts with you as a companion on a daily basis.  If you can be one of the rare breeders to consistently produce exceptional soundness in typey, showy animals - you'll have found the magic bullet!

While some breeders practice "conservation breeding" to keep a strain pure and unchanged - others practice "developmental or progressive breeding" where their goal "is" to change, and hopefully improve the breed. Every breed benefits from having a variety of breeders employing a variety of strategies. These approaches usually augment one another, and the
breed as a whole then reaps great rewards. Although it seems chaotic at times, it is actually beneficial to have each breeder going in a slightly different direction, so that the breed maintains some gene variability while being true to its genetic heritage.

We hope you enjoy meeting our stud dogs, and we invite you to assess their merits as potential sires for your finest bitches.  We offer professional and accurate service, and take impregnating your quality bitch very seriously.  We have an exceptional record of sending bitches home PREGNANT!

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(Satire warning)

The Pieces of the Puzzle

With almost 25 years invested in breeding and owning Samoyeds, we have learned some of the things that make the difference between a successful breeding program, and one that is not.

A few of these are:

*Decide up front whether you are dabbling in this for kicks, mimicry, ego, or with long term plans to hopefully make a positive and original contribution to the breed.

*One poorly chosen resident stud will prevent your kennel from ever ever getting off the ground with quality dogs.  The vast choice of quality sires out there, coupled with your good eye for a dog and intelligent selection pressure, *is* your ticket to producing a winning line of dogs.

*The faults of your foundation bitches will be evident in your puppies for generations - select carefully!

*There is no line or any life form period that does not carry the potential for genetic disease.  Choose stock from well screened families, and ALWAYS assess the importance of health issues in relation to how they affect the quality of life of individual dogs and the families that care for them.

*Conformation is more important than pedigree but you need popular pedigrees, or at least the wearwithall to prove unknown or imported pedigrees to your peers.  Having said that, popular pedigrees often represent surprisingly mediocre dogs.  That last sentence perhaps should be repeated - popular pedigrees often represent surprisingly mediocre dogs.

*In addition to a popular pedigree, your stud(s) should possess outstanding physical attributes and either have a show record or a tangible production record.  Be prepared to prove your studs on your own bitches if you really believe in them but no one is knocking on your door.
*Breed strength to strength, strength to weakness but never weakness to weakness.

*Linebreeding, the breeding of dogs with a common outstanding ancestor(s), is the best way to get a concentration of desirable genes.

*Crossing a linebred individual with a linebred individual of another family often produces exceptional offspring in that first generation.

*It usually takes years to develop a line of top breeding stock. It also takes a substantial investment in personal time, hard work and money.
*Repeat to self, "My mentor is my best friend and ignorance is my worst enemy. I will never learn all I need to know."
*First you breed it in, then you feed it in ... A good nutrition program, regular vaccinations for infectious diseases and a regimented genetic screening schedule go hand in hand with sound breeding practices.
*Advertising doesn't cost, it pays. How is the Samoyed world going to know about your wonderful dogs if your don't tell them - and vice versa, how will you know what they have to offer?  Do NOT depend on breeding to this weekend's Best of Breed winner at the local show to produce the best possible puppies.  Research pays off.

*All puppies are cute, but as they reach showable age things start to change.  BIGTIME.  Quality - REAL quality starts to shine through, and common stock is passed over for top ribbons.  Remember that on average 80% of all dogs at the show will be mediocre, 10% poor and 10% exceptional.  Although every dog will not get there, I know which category I want my dogs to be in the majority of the time.

*Well Bred = Bred Well.  This means that average dogs from outstanding families will produce better offspring than outstanding dogs from average or nondescript families - over the long term.
*Bottom line as always is to "breed the best to the best and hope for the best!"

*Don't assume that *you* are special and can do it better than everyone else - results, not hot air, is what matters at the end of the day (weekend, year, decade ...).  If I had a dollar for every sanctimonious novice that has come and gone in my time - I'd be rich!

*Don't forget to use the discontent of your competitors as one meter of your success - though of course there are many others.  The louder and more raucous they get ... the better you are probably doing.  Distance yourself, associate with other high-achievers, and keep your eyes on the prize!


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