12/31/2020 UPDATE: Unfortunately we are still unable to accept any additional 2021 reservations as we are trying to meet our current commitments/reservations. Rest assured we are working hard on this and hope to be able to take new reservations in the not too distant future.  We will continue to update this page on the last day of every month, so there is no need to keep checking it daily.  If you continue to be interested in a VanSam please check this webpage again on 01/31/21 when we will post an update on the status of reservations.  Thank you for your interest in Vanderbilt Samoyeds.

NOTICE: Unless you currently have or have previously owned a VanSam please do not email us now requesting to be put on a reservation list or asking for more information as we have nothing to offer.  If you are interested in possibly obtaining one of our puppies in the future, please follow the instructions below to stay updated on availability and any opening reservations - including for 2022 and longer range interest. Inquiries outside of these parameters will not receive a response.


The following is some info on potential future puppy availability effective 12/31/20:

Thank you for your interest in a Vanderbilt Samoyed (VanSam) puppy!  We are happy to share the joy of Samoyed ownership with suitable families and will work with to get you your next treasured family member.  We remain committed to "enhancing families, one VanSam at a time!", however there has been a significant increase in demand for puppies/dogs since the Covid-19 pandemic as families find themselves at home with more time to devote to training, etc.


Unfortunately while the demand has increased, the supply has not.  All reservations for our planned puppies have been filled through to at least Summer 2021 so if you are desiring a puppy before that timeframe you'll need to try another breeder.  We should warn however that this demand has brought many dubious sellers to the forefront as desperate families search for a puppy.  PLEASE BE CAREFUL AND PATIENT.  Many puppies flaunted on Kijiji and other classified sites are more expensive than ours and often are sold to the highest bidder - even after agreements to purchase have been made.  Some are selling eastern European "imports" that they claim as 'more pure', but many are from Russian and Ukrainian puppy mills and you will receive no follow up support as the sellers are brokers.  If they claim the puppies are born in Canada, ask for proof via CKC litter registration and pedigree showing the parents as Canadian dogs.  Look for Champion titles in the pedigree to prove that the ancestry at least have some adherence to the breed standard in looks and temperament.  You may not want a show dog but your dog's ancestors should show some compliance to this system of quality control.  Sadly these brokers have infiltrated the Samoyed breed as well as many others.


Good breeders have always had a high demand for their puppies because of an earned reputation.  I'd encourage you to be patient in finding the right breeder and once you have - to get your confirmed-reservation-by-deposit in - then patiently wait. When reserving by deposit with a breeder ask for the written deposit policy which should outline how long your money could potentially be tied up and at present expect a broad timeline.  Timelines can be moving targets as conception, puppy numbers and genders are very much in the hands of Mother Nature and we can't make firm promises ever until puppies reach the near 8 week old mark and have been cleared by the vet and evaluated by us as suitable to be your new family member.  You are planning for a long term friend and companion and this acquisition deserves patience, scrutiny and most definitely an avoidance of impulse purchasing. 



Once we have reservations to offer we will post that on THIS PAGE and ask interested parties to email us with information on their family dynamic, location and past history of dog ownership.  Families assessed to be ideal for VanSam ownership will given reservation/cost particulars and invited to complete our questionnaire to supply additional information if they are interested in pursuing a reservation with us. If you have previously or currently own a Samoyed acquired directly from us (VanSam), then please email us if you are interested in another and you will receive priority placement in our wait queue.

We should note that for the safety of everyone we currently offer no on-site visits and do have social distancing protocols in place for in-person pick ups of our puppies/dogs and this policy is provided to those accepted for our waiting list.

CANADA: We ship air cargo domestically to most major airports within Canada from YYZ

USA: Due to the current Covid-19 virus situation air cargo transport of our puppies is unavailable to the USA.  Any USA families accepted for a reservation in the future will be required to work with a bonded animal transport service (that we will recommend when the time comes) to get their puppy over a land border crossing when it is of age to travel.  NOTE: you WILL have to drive to a US/Canada land border crossing to meet the travel service on the USA side.  There is a charge for this service which will be approximately quoted to you prior to your reservation being accepted.

If we have any ADULT availability it will be posted here.


Please be aware of the foregoing limitations before emailing or calling.  Submissions/contact outside of these parameters will not receive a response.


Future Plans: Madonna x Nero.  Litter expected ~ January 2021

**Reservations filled**

CAN CH Vanderbilt's Strike A Pose x CAN/AM CH Vanderbilt's Habanero Pepper

Hips: Both XRC - ANC cert pending

Eyes: Both clear w/gonioscopy

FEH: Both clear by parentage

The Madonna x Nero litter promises to be stunning with such quality parents who also have outstanding health and temperament.  Madonna is from Striker x Gale; and Nero is from Tonka x Chili. We have more current photos of Nero that we'll post on his own page soon!

Interested in reserving on a future litter? Please read the info at the top of this page. Thank you for your interest in a VanSam!

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