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The Nursery - CLICK HERE for availability info

Welcome to the Vanderbilt Nursery!  A breeder's nursery is a very special place of hopes and dreams and love and puppy breath.  We do sometimes take reservations from qualifying families for companion/pet (nonbreeding) puppies from a few well planned litters per year.  We suggest reservations a minimum of 3 - 4 months in advance of when you hope to bring a puppy home, although sometimes we do have short notice earlier availability.  If you are interested in more information about Vanderbilt puppies please visit our Future page here.  But first please read this article entitled "Don't Buy A Sam".  As well please feel free to check out the "Meet The Samoyed" blog on the CKC website at this link.  And brush up on Samoyed history here.

The parents to our puppies are beautiful, healthy and outstanding tempered Champion lineage Sams and we invite you to browse our Boys and Girls sections.  We are in pursuit of the best dogs in phenotype and genotype.  Temperament is our #1 priority but we also breed for health and stunning good looks per the Samoyed Breed Standard, and our show ring success attests to the validity of our efforts.  So it's not just our opinion that our dogs are top notch!

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