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"Chill", CAN CH Vanderbilt's Sweet Chili Pepper (Simba x Bubbles)

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Chili's info:


Eyes: ACVO clear + gonio

FEH: Noncarrier

Titles: CAN CH, AM CH

Pedigree link

Chill is one of the "darlings" of Vanderbilt.  An absolutely ANGELIC face and disposition combined with possessing so many of the finer points of the breed standard, Chili has been loved and lauded by many since she was a wee baby.  An early show winner with BBPIS awards, Chili has Specialty wins and even a Group 1st in a Working Group show while still under 12 months of age.  Chili was quick to be recognized in the US as well where she current has 13 points and 2 major wins earned as a puppy.  Chili has had one litter with our fabulous boy "Puck" and she'll be back out in the US to finish her AM Championship following her maternal duties.

Chili's first litter sired by "Puck" below :) Tash Archer photo with thanks.

Watch for more info on Chili's babies soon!

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