"Mr. Big", Vanderbilt's Strike It Big (Striker x Colada)

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Mr. Big's info:

Hips: Prelim clear

Eyes: ACVO normal

FEH: non carrier clear by parentage


Link to pedigree

Meeting Mr. Big is a pretty impressive deal.  First he tries to walk up your body with his ginormous feet; then he's licking your face if you'll let him.  And somehow you just feel that you're enveloped by a big cumulus cloud!  A standout from birth, Mr. Big has continued to impress as he has grown.  While still just a tadpole he made an appearance at one show to socialize - and was a big hit with the ladies!  In the big puppy classes he was quickly pointed and multi BPIS, and will be back out to finish in 2020.  Mr. Big's pedigree is super impressive, and his daddy "Striker" was the #1 Samoyed and #3 Working dog in Canada for 2018 and #1 Samoyed #1 Working and #1 All Breeds in 2019.  Mr. Big has put Striker on notice that he's got eyes on the #1 spot in the future.  For now though we just enjoy his sweet face, amazing personality and big feet!

Mr. Big video coming soon!

Mr. Big!

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