Welcome to our GIRLS page.  The strength of any kennel rests squarely on the quality of it's foundation females.  We have worked hard to build this strong female line by accessing offspring of many of the top Samoyed girls worldwide - Terra, Morgana, Gabe, Nauti and many more.  At Vanderbilt our girls contributions towards the future of the breed is considered of paramount importance.  Experience and observing the breeding programs of literally hundreds of breeders of many different breeds over a 40+ year span has confirmed the truism that top quality girls are the key to a bloodline's success.  Alas it is not always easy for breeders to access these girls as they are rare and highly coveted by those who have them.  We hope you enjoy our showcase of the Ladies of Vanderbilt on which our solid breeding program is based. Please access our girls pages from the links under "GIRLS" in the top menu.

Access our retired girl's pages below *UNDER CONSTRUCTION*.  At Vanderbilt we tend to limit every individual Sam's contribution to the future of the breed via our breeding program based upon the quality of offspring.  Girls who produce the best puppies will contribute more than those who do not.  We also tend to retire our girls while they are still young to loving families once they've left a mark on our breeding program.  This works for everyone - a family gets a wonderful and healthy adult Sammy, and our girls get to retire to a family of their own.  This is a win-win situation, and limits how much each dog contributes genetically as we march forward introducing new genes regularly, and keeping an eye on our hybrid vigour.

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