UPDATE 04/30/21 4 pm EST: Reservations ARE NOW CLOSED.  They opened this morning but we have already received more inquiries than we will have puppies and more than we have time to screen at the moment.  We would recommend that if you are in a hurry to obtain a Samoyed puppy that you continue searching with other breeders as it could take quite a while with us.  If you've already submitted an email request on 04/30/21 prior to this update, please sit tight while we try to review what we've already received.  If your family is assessed to be ideal for the Samoyed breed we will respond to your email as soon as we can.  If you have not submitted an email inquiry while reservations were open but remain interested in reserving a future puppy, please check this website again on 05/31/21 for an update on future reservations.  We ONLY update this page on the last day of each month, so you don't have to keep checking.  Any inquiries received after the date/time of this update listed above will not receive a response and should be re-submitted once reservations re-open per info on this page in the future.  Thank you for your continued interest in our Samoyeds and your patience.

Older puppies may sporadically be offered for sale as we decide between two littermates.  Please watch this page for availability if you are interested in an older puppy.


Any adult availability may be found here.  Thank you for your interest in Vanderbilt Samoyeds.


We should note that for the safety of everyone we currently offer no on-site visits and do have social distancing protocols in place for in-person pick ups of our puppies/dogs and this policy is provided to those accepted for our waiting list.

CANADA: We ship air cargo domestically to most major airports within Canada from YYZ depending on the evolving flight availability situation due to Covid-19 related changes.

USA: Due to the current Covid-19 virus situation air cargo transport of our puppies is unavailable to the USA. Therefore we have temporarily suspended accepting reservations from USA families.


Please be aware of the foregoing limitations before emailing or calling.  Submissions/contact outside of these parameters will not receive a response.


Future Plans: Rose x Mr. Big.  Litter hoped for ~ mid - late Summer

**Upcoming Reservations closed**

CAN CH Vanderbilt's Strike It Big x Vanderbilt's Rose In A Hurricane


Hips: Mr Big OFA Excellent; Rose - ANC cert pending

Eyes: Both clear w/gonioscopy

FEH: Mr Big noncarrier by parentage.  Rose cnoncarrier by UC Davis test


Rose's first litter gave us the gorgeous boy "THORN" and 7 other beautiful  babies.  She's a girl with an old pedigree and lots of personality! This will be Rose's 2nd and final litter and we've selected the stunning Striker son, "Mr Big"!  Rose is pictured here out of coat following her first litter.

Interested in reserving on a future litter? Please read the info at the top of this page. Thank you for your interest in a VanSam!

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