This is the site where we showcase our beautiful Vanderbilt BOYS.  They are a fantastic crew.  Type, temperament, movement and a composite of the World's top bloodlines. We are well known for our top quality boys.  Please access the boys individual pages from the top menu.  Access our retired boys pages from the links below.

Access the pages of some of Vanderbilt's retired boys from the links below.  They are an important part of our history and bloodline.  You will find their names throughout our pedigrees. At Vanderbilt we tend to place our boys with loving families once they've contributed to our gene pool going forward, and while they are still young.  This works for everyone as our boys get a family all to themselves, and the family gets a beautiful and healthy dog who has left, literally, a paw print on the breed's progress into the future - and because we can't keep an unlimited number of dogs here.  This program sees each dog having a significant, but limited, effect on the breed as we regularly reach out to bring in new genes from top dogs and kennels worldwide.  We believe this keeps our gene pool fresh, avoiding genetic bottle necks, and always considering hybrid vigour.