Welcome to Vanderbilt Samoyeds where we believe in preserving this beautiful breed handed down to us from antiquity.  It's a responsibility we take very seriously and Samoyeds are involved in almost every part of our life.  We obtained our first Samoyeds in 1977 and immediately began showing them in conformation and obedience competitions.  A Samoyed is more than just a pretty face and is extremely versatile.  We've also done sledding, herding and tracking with our Sammies.  We do hope that you will enjoy your visit to our new website.  We are currently recovering from a malware attack on our previous full site and it will take some time to get the content up to speed here.  Again, welcome and we hope you enjoy your visit!  Don't forget to also visit our facebook page at www.facebook.com/vanderbiltsamoyeds :)

Our faces

Judi Elford


My lifelong passion has been Samoyeds and I wake up every morning feeling so fortunate to be able to follow this calling!  A retired Labour & Delivery RN, I do miss this work which I loved also, however now the Sammies have me full time.  I plan the matings, whelp and raise the puppies together with Blair.


Blair Elford

Breeder/owner and chief groomer & pooper scooper

I love Samoyeds a LOT.  I've spent many years sledding with our teams in Fall and Winter.  An injury a few years back means I can't run in the show ring like I used to, but thankfully the girls handle that part.  Groomer and pooper scooper are among the many hats I wear!

Extended family breeders

A great N/C Sammy in exchange for working with us for the future of the breed

We have some great owners who let us show and breed to their male dogs to be a part of Vanderbilt's genetic legacy going forward, while still enjoying a great life as a family pet.  If you live within a 3 hour drive of Millbrook, ON and are interested in possibly becoming a family we work with, please email us some info about you at samoyeds@gmail.com with the subject line EXTENDED FAMILY.  Photo above by Tash Archer.


Most inquiries we receive are concerning the availability of puppies or adult dogs.  If this is what you are interested in, please visit our nursery.  Our direct email and telephone # are below.  Due to us traveling extensively to dog shows, email is the probable fastest response.  Thank you for your interest in Vanderbilt Samoyeds!



Direct email:

samoyeds@gmail.com (probable fastest response)

Tel: 1-705-932-2559 (message machine)

Millbrook, ON


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