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RETIRED W/CO-OWNERS "Striker" -  MBIS MBISS CAN GRCH AM GR CHP Vanderbilt 'N Printemp's Lucky Strike (Lucky x Brandy)
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Striker's Vital Statistics:

Hips: OFA Good

Eyes: Clear + gonioscopy

FEH: Noncarrier 

Neogen/Pawprints Genetics all tests (PRA, RD/OSD, FEH, polydactyl) normal

Cardiac: Cardiologist normal

Titles: CAN Grand Champion, AM PLATINUM Grand Champion, Multi BIS/BISS

Pedigree below

Striker came out of the gate winning and hasn't looked back.  Winning Best Baby Puppy in Shows, an all breed Best In Show, Multi Best Puppy in Shows, a Samoyed Specialty show Best of Breed winner, 2 Working Group Specialty wins and onto become both a Canadian and American Grand Champion and #2 Samoyed in Canada by 18 months of age.  Whew!  We hardly came up for air!  We followed that up with a warm up year in 2018 with Striker winning a number of Specialties, Working shows and 4 more Best in Shows.


We decided to hit the gas in 2019 and teamed up with Correen Pacht and Marc Ralsky (Cormar) to campaign Striker in Canada with Judi as his breeder/owner/handler and he ended the year #2 All Breeds in Canada and a total of 58 Best In Show and 29 Reserve Best In Show awards to become the Top Winning Samoyed of all time in Canada (by # of BIS AND by total points earned in one year), as well as beating the previous global BIS record (55) for a Samoyed in any country. In 2020 Team Striker (CorMar & Vanderbilt) decided to try a show campaign in the USA with professional handler Laura King (Daybreak kennel) holding Striker's lead. In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic and many states restrictions and cancelled shows - Striker and Laura ended the year as #1 Samoyed, #2 Working and #4 among all breeds and winning a total 23 Best in Show awards.  In 2021 Striker and Laura did what no Samoyed had ever accomplished - going #1 dog of all breeds in the USA and amassing 111 AKC Best In Show awards (double the previous record +1).  Striker also won the Westminster Kennel Club's Working Group twice (a Samoyed record), and his "Laura" won Professional Handler of the year for 2021 as well.


All of the showing is great fun when you have a dog with a character like Striker has - comical, playful, engaging, and loves all the attention!   Striker is now happily retired with his loving co-owners Marc and Correen near Toronto Canada where he enjoys time with his Siberian Husky girlfriend "Awesome" and doing interviews with various Newspapers and magazines that are interested in his fascinating life!

Striker Stuff

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