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"Harvey" Vanderbilt's Ride The Hurricane (Sundancer x Cha Cha)

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Harvey's info:


Eyes clear + gonioscopy

FEH: clear by parentage


Link to Harvey's pedigree.

Meet Harvey - our wonderful young man with so many outstanding attributes!  The son of our Champions Sundancer and Cha Cha, Harvey is a good sized boy with big strong bone, quality coat, a beautiful head (with correct Sammy smile) and strong movement.  In temperament Harvey is a real character!  He loves playing the clown and is a total couch potato.  As a puppy Harvey suffered a tail injury and we were unable to show him.  He is fully recovered now and we hope to start showing him later in 2019.  We do have Harvey puppies planned, and look forward to seeing the next generation when the time comes!

More Harvey!

We will add photos of Harvey kids here in the future.

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