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"Broker" CAN CH Vanderbilt's Power Broker (Puck x Chili)

(click the image to enlarge the slide show)

Broker's info:

Hips: pending

Eyes clear

FEH: clear by parentage

Titles: CAN CH

Link to Broker's pedigree.

"Broker" is a very handsome and fun guy.  He is very sweet and outgoing and loves to party!  Thank you to Sydney and Shari Robinson, Connie Krohn and Trina Neil for showing Broker to his Championship!  He has two Champion littermates - our lovely "Aster", and the amazing Best In Show winner in S. Korea "Tripper"!  Their parents Puck and Chili are also amazing dogs themselves and CAN/AM Champions.  Look for Broker to be a daddy of babies here at Vanderbilt, hopefully some time in 2021!

More Broker!

Topper has just started his stud career and by the looks of these two Fergie puppies he's going to be pretty good at it!  More Topper puppies will be added in the future as he sires more litters at Vanderbilt.

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