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"Topper" CAN AM CH Vanderbilt's Cherry On Top (Stan x Cherry)

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Topper's info:

Hips OFA Fair

Eyes clear

Titles: CAN CH, AM CH

Link to Topper's pedigree.

"Topper" is a wonderful male of in-your-face humorous character and so many wonderful breed assets.  First he's a large boned moderate sized dog as the standard calls for.  He also has a magnificent head piece with dark dark eyes and the blackest of pigment.  He has a perfect smile, just off square proportions and outstanding movement.  Topper's first litter was with Ms. Fergie, and we are planning another mating for him soon.

Topper Kids

Topper has just started his stud career and by the looks of these two Fergie puppies he's going to be pretty good at it!  More Topper puppies will be added in the future as he sires more litters at Vanderbilt.

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